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Web standards

We think adhering to standards is a good idea. Standards exist in many aspects of life, usually to ensure safety and minimum quality. The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) provides online validators where any site's markup may be checked. Rolls-Royce is a brand name that oozes quality, they produce luxury cars and ultra-reliable jet engines. This was the W3C's verdict on the Rolls-Royce web site on 7 Dec 2011.

Rolls-Royce W3C validation

Now this looks worse than it actually is, often fixing the first error eliminates many following errors. Many well known sites produce hundreds of errors. Does it matter, they seem to work OK and appear well ranked in search engine results?

Relating cause and effect regardng things on the internet is notoriously difficult, but we believe if all other factors are equal, then standards compliant sites rank better than non-compliant ones. This is our validation on 24 December 2007. Yay!

Purple Oar Software W3C no error validation image

In December 2011 this site was upgraded to use html5. Currently, the W3C validator finds errors with most html5 sites. Checking by using other validators confirms that our site is valid html5.