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Purple Oar Software

Purple Oar Software is Paul Roper, previously a tutor at a provincial tertiary Institute of Technology, who is available to provide Information Technology consultancy. I work closely with other independent peers (such as copywriters and graphic artists) as required. The use of "we" throughout this web site means appropriate associates and myself. I have taught a range of Information Technology subjects at Diploma and Degree level and have a particular interest in web site development. Recently I have delivered dynamic web development courses in China.

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Website development requires many skills such as:

  • programming
  • database design and administration
  • network administration
  • correct use of the English language (grammar, spelling and appropriate style)
  • knowledge of HTML and css
  • graphic design.

Purple Oar Software is expanding through recommendations from satisfied clients. I am available on mobile phone and email virtually 24/7 to provide client support. A Javascript authoring tool developed and sold by Purple Oar Software has its own website. This site operates in a niche market selling a product used by web developers worldwide. ScrypTik has sold in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, India, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and New Zealand. Sole traders through to large corporates such as IBM, Bellsouth and The Bank of Ireland use it.

This acceptance of ScrypTik is testimony to our technical competence, however the most significant factor with the ScrypTik web site is how we rank highly in search engines (particularly Google) for a range of key phrases. These search engine optimisation skills honed by Purple Oar Software in developing this site, are applied to all client sites. Note, we have never bought advertising or links for ScrypTik. We sell advertising using the Google Adsense program on the site, and Google pay us.