"Ensuring Your Web Presence Contributes"

Content Management Systems

Manage your own content.

We recommend three free open source Content Management Systems (CMS) Drupal, Wordpress and Concrete5 They are written in the PHP programming lanuage and use the MySQL database. Depending on your requirements, one system will be the best fit.

We will develop modules (plugins/widgets) for special features you may require. Usually, we configure the CMS, design and build the theme, set up search engine optimisation factors, set up content and images to suit you, test, upload, and train you how to use the system. We would also add Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Disclaimer pages if required. We will explain how you should solicit links for best search engine ranking. This will provide you with these benefits:

  • A web standards compliant site.
  • Content and images directly under your control for ease of updating at any time.
  • Ability to amend your site from anywhere there is Internet access.
  • Visitors can locate content by word or phrase  "search" and/or by viewing content from categories you specify.
  • A "breadcrumb" trail so your visitors can see where they are.
  • Ability to easily create sub-domains for other aspects of your site. Sub-domains have their own content and presentation and appear to search engines and visitors as completely separate sites. This is a significant feature for future diversity.
  • Site optimised for agreed key words/phrases for improved search engine ranking.
  • Visitors can email you without publicly exposing your email address, leaving your website or assuming there is a suitable email client (e.g. Outlook) on the computer being used.
  • To prevent malicious automated posting to public parts of your site, visitors posting can be asked to recognise and enter a few characters displayed over an image (captcha). If the entry does not match the characters displayed, the posting is rejected.
  • To prevent unseemly words appearing on your site from public postings, a word filter can be provided to censor any words you specify.
  • An updated Google sitemap can be generated whenever Google requests it.
  • Your site may be multi-lingual for international marketing.
  • Visitor statistics may be obtained from an analytics service such as Google Analytics.
  • Additional features such as blog, newsletter, poll, survey and forum etc can be easily provided when they are required.