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Get found! - we create search engine friendly sites that assist your search marketing. To briefly thumbnail this extensive subject, there are two main aspects to SEO. Firstly (the easy bit), on page optimization is the area where you have complete control. There is a way to construct pages in terms of hierarchy, meta tags and content fine tuning, which can have a direct affect on search ranking.

Secondly (the hard bit), having other web sites linking to your site. This can happen naturally when other site managers like your site and voluntarily link to it. It can happen by reciprocal linking, a trade between two sites. You can buy links, or offer inducements (a free something) in exchange for a link. Collecting links is time consuming hard work. You can do it yourself or pay someone to do it. Note that the text used in the link is very important. We can collect links for you, or advise you on how to do it yourself. Additional points:

  • Keyword research is a vital part of search marketing. It is necessary before any optimisation can take place. This is often overlooked.
  • There are a lot of "snake oil" products offered to help your SEO. Be wary.
  • Search engines are all about relevance. They need to offer the searcher the most relevant results for the key words used. In order to do this, you must make your site relevant by having good content that is frequently updated.
  • Links from "directories" are probably useless.
  • You cannot trick the search engines, they are very clever, and any attempts to deceive them could result in being banned.
  • The old adage of "a picture being worth a thousand words" doesn't stack up with search engines. They only process text. You can still use images and flash, but you must have text too!

Here's an image from a well known search engine relating to our javascript editor and validator. On 7 Dec 2011 it ranked #6 (out of  192 million matches) for the keywords "javascript validator". This search was on www.google.co.nz. We are quite proud of this result.

google search for javascript validator

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