Revision history

All details about each revision of ScrypTik javascript editor and validator.
17 May 2007 version 1.15 released
  • Loads help file on Vista Home Basic (and hopefully all versions of Vista).
  • Doesn't attempt to unload help if it didn't load. Could only be stopped on Vista from task manager arrrrrgh!
  • Fixed bug with semicolon after {} in certain circumstances.
17 April 2007 version 1.14 released
  • [CDATA] recognised.
  • Some SVG features recognised.
  • Changed references to web site and support to this new site.
27 August 2005 version 1.13 released
  • Fixed Access Violation (in ntdll.dll) when closing editor tabs if lines had been deleted.
  • Added PayPal option to Register screen and Help.
8 August 2005 version 1.12 released
  • Fixed status bar display on higher screen resolutions.
  • Now saves and restores pane sizes on closing/opening.
  • Added how to get machine code to FAQ in the Help.
  • Various minor bug fixes.
21 June 2005 version 1.11 released
  • Added File Directory (explorer) to left view pane.
  • Added ability to load javascript code from a remote site into a read-only editor, for example, <script type="text/javascript" src="">.
  • Fixed range error with a timing counter that would cause splash screen to display forever! Only happened if Windows had been running for about 20 days.
  • Various minor bug fixes.
12 April 2005 version 1.10 released
  • Fixed absolute file path with include files.
  • Open file filter now includes *.wsf files.
  • Closing <script> tag with /> (xhtml) now recognised.
  • Various minor bug fixes.
24 February 2005 version 1.09 released
  • Now recognises XMLHTTPRequest object and methods.
  • Update expression in for ( ) now recognises moveNext and movePrevious.
  • Fixed case sensitivity of file extensions.
  • Fixed large integers overflow error.
  • Fixed backspace updating of cursor pos when moving to other lines.
  • Changed error reporting of semi-colon after a block, IE allows it but not strict ECMA.
  • Various minor bug fixes.
25 November 2004 version 1.08 released
  • Projects feature added, files may be grouped together.
  • Display of "parent" navigation tree and errors remains viewable when editing included files.
  • FTP to load and save remote files.
  • Can automatically check the website to see if there is a newer version of the software.
  • Various minor bug fixes.
7 September 2004 version 1.07 released
  • Firefox browser recognised.
  • View in browser has option to process the file with a web server (.php .asp etc).
  • Various minor bug fixes.
29 July 2004 version 1.06 released
  • Fixed random memory Access Violation on close if help file was left open (ActiveX timing issue).
  • Various minor bug fixes.
27 June 2004 version 1.05 released
  • License server option for multi-user registration.
  • File Open dialog will open multiple selected files.
  • Include file names with query string (?xyz=2 . . .) handled correctly.
  • Enumerator and WScript now recognised.
  • No more false errors on the methods and properties of ActiveXObjects.
  • Editor improvements, can set tab size, optionally tabs as spaces, autoindent, autounindent.
2 April 2004 version 1.04 released
  • Undo right back to beginning marks file as unmodified.
  • File close shortcut now Cntl F4 instead of Alt X
  • Recognises <defanged_script . . .> but syntax highlighting ignores.
  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) partially recognised (.method and .inherits).
  • Installation no longer overwrites an existing .ini file.
  • Fixed Access Violation if changing syntax colors after closing file(s).
  • if (foo in bar) now parsed.
  • Unix fwd slashes in include path name now handled. Also ../ and .../ stepping up levels handled.
9 Feb 2004 version 1.03 updated

  • Improved color selection from web safe and web named colors.
  • More options for warnings and navigation tree.
  • Fixed dialog layouts when large fonts selected.
  • Fixed bugs with prototypes for user defined objects.

12 November 2003 version 1.03 released as shareware

28 August 2003 version 1.03 released

  • Javascript code tree view added.
  • Tidy up of the Help.
  • Numerous, minor bug fixes.

6 May 2003 version 1.02 released

  • Server side scripting (eg JScript in ASP) handled separately from client side.
  • Tip of the day feature added.
  • Numerous, minor bug fixes.
15 January 2003 version 1.01 released
  • Print preview added.
  • List of files to be (optionally) automatically opened on start-up.
  • Option to perform syntax check on file open.
  • HTML tags, attributes etc now all lower case to comply with XHTML standard.
  • Option to make single tags XHTML compliant (<br> becomes <br /> etc)
  • Hovering over an error displays additional information about the error.
  • Dynamic HTML tags extracted.
  • Nested functions now parsed.
  • Prototype inheritance handled.
  • Internal efficiency improvements, minor editor bugs fixed, missing semicolon count fixed.
It all began on 22 October 2002 with beta version 1.0 released to training providers within New Zealand.