Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I download scrypTik?
A. Try one of these:

  • Select "downloads" from the menu top left, then click on "".
  • There is also a direct link to the zip file on the home page - "Get the free trial".
  • Easiest way, click here to download ScrypTik Javascript Editor!

Q.Where do I find the "machine code"?
A. You run ScrypTik and from the "File" menu select "Register ScrypTik". This screen will show you the machine code and instructions on registering.
Q. Why do I get an error running my script in my browser when ScrypTik reports no errors?
A. ScrypTik checks (validates) the syntax and some semantics of all Javascript code. It is still possible to get "run-time" errors with logic mistakes such as null object references. This behaviour is no different from most other programming languages. Edit, compile and test, that's software development.
Q. Why is it called "ScrypTik"?
A. Any or all of these:

  • It sounds (and is spelt a bit) like "cryptic", and computer programming often seems cryptic to beginners.
  • The "Scrypt" part is similar to "Script" and we are dealing with a scripting language.
  • The "Tik" part sounds like "tick" which is a universal mark for correctness, so ScrypTik can give your code a stamp of approval! (The program icon is a tick too.)
  • Its just a name!

Q. What are tokens? Why does it tell me how many tokens there were after a check?
A. A token is a parsed item of javascript, each keyword, symbol, literal, variable etc is a token. The token count indicates how much javascript code there is, most people will ignore it.
Q. I had to replace my hard disk drive and after re-installing the operating system and ScrypTik, the registration code no longer works?
A. This is because the machine code is generated from various hardware serial numbers and it will have changed. E-mail our support to get a new registration code. You will need to supply the new machine code and the name you originally registered under. We will then give you a new registration code.
Q. Will ScrypTik run on a local area network (LAN)?
A. Yes, there are two multi-user licenses, either 2 - 10 users or 11+ users. Install (ie run the setup.exe once unzipped) on a server. Give workstation users a desktop shortcut and/or a menu item which links to the exe on the mapped network drive (the server). Each user will have their own ini file stored on their personal drive in a folder named "ScrypTik". An alternative is to install the exe on each workstation and the ScrypTik License Server (ScryLSrv) on a server. After configuring IP and port number for both server and workstation (plus retry count and other protocol stuff), each workstation ScrypTik will check with the License Server for registration when it starts execution. Contact us if you require the License Server.
Important, when supplying the machine code to register multi-user ScrypTik, it must be the machine code from the "server" machine, not one of the workstations where you trialled the software. It is easy to inadvertently use the trial machine when registering, as the trial is designed to only run on a local machine, not from a network drive.
Another option once you have a multi-user license, is to just get as many unlock keys as you require, one for each workstation. Again, just email us and we will supply the keys.
Q. How have you tested ScrypTik?

A. The basic test data is all the samples (about 300) from Danny Goodman's "Javascript Bible". Then there are additional tests for object oriented issues and nested functions.