We have five downloads available, ScrypTik version 1.13 (August 2005), ScrypTik version 1.14 (April 2007), ScrypTik version 1.15 (May 2007), ScrypTik version 1.16 (June 2010) and the PAD file for shareware distributors. Note, the pad file is stored within the ScrypTik zip files.

ScrypTik is shareware, you get to try before you buy. There are 20 free trial usages.

Version 1.16 works on Win7. If you install this on an OS prior to Win7 over the top of an existing install, you will probably need a new unlock key. Just email us the new machine code and we will supply a new unlock key. If you have trouble unzipping, try the free open source program - 7zip.

Version 1.15 works on Vista, previous versions did not load the help file and crashed on exit.

Version 1.14 has some new features but may produce more "false" errors. If you find this, just install version1.13 over the top of it.

Existing users of 1.13 may require a new unlock key when upgrading to 1.14. Just email us the new machine code and we will supply a new unlock key.

File name SizeDownloadsLast download
ScrypTik113.zip1.3 MB255871 week 5 days ago
pad_file.xml11.37 KB44381 week 5 days ago
ScrypTik114.zip1.36 MB25842 weeks 6 days ago
ScrypTik115.zip1.37 MB1389072 weeks 6 days ago
ScrypTik116.zip1.05 MB96444 days 17 hours ago

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